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Zero cryptocurrency knowledge involved.

API custom integration.


Add your wallet to receive donations

Indicate your preferred payment mode.

Crypto, or local currencies.

Convenient fiat conversion for you.


Start tracking your crypto donations

See your first crypto sale in no time.

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Make full use of cryptocurrency,
with TripleA solutions.

Many advantages, no drawbacks.


Cryptocurrency is universal.

Open your horizons to 172M active wallets worldwide.


Full control over your funds.

We only facilitate the transaction between you and your donor.

Full privacy

Full compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act.

Reach out to cryptocurrency paying donors

Seamless Wordpress plugin, or quick custom integration for your cause.

Wordpress Smart Button

Fully integrated within your WordPress website, our plugin is simple and intuitive.

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Custom Integration

Our user-friendly API enables bitcoin donations in no time.

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