Multiplier Partners with Triple-A to Enable Payroll Processing and Freelancer Payments in Crypto

Multiplier, a leading global employment platform specialising in payroll and compliance, has announced its partnership with Triple-A, a cryptocurrency payment gateway licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Empowering Freelancers to receive Cryptocurrency Payments This partnership with Triple-A empowers Multiplier’s clients to offer payroll and freelancer payments in cryptocurrencies, without bearing any volatility risks […]

Why are Filipino Freelancers choosing to get paid in crypto?

Download our report: From Peso to Crypto The Rising Trend of CryptocurrencyPayments Among Freelancers in the Philippines As the gig economy continues to grow in the Philippines, more and more freelancers are choosing to be paid for their services via alternative payment methods like crypto. Why are Filipino Freelancers choosing to get paid in crypto? […]

7 Benefits of Accepting Crypto on Your E-commerce

Download our report The Rise of Cryptocurrency Payments in E-Commerce: Trends and Impacts Benefits of Accepting Crypto | 2023 Crypto as a payment method Crypto has been around for over ten years. In such a short time, it’s gone from being an obscure technology known only to a small group of enthusiasts to a mainstream […]

This is why you should start utilizing USDT payments

USD Tether, also known as USDT, is a cryptocurrency released on the Bitcoin blockchain and the world’s third-biggest digital coin by market value. It can be spent, traded, transferred, or stored in specialized wallets like any cryptocurrency. USDT is a stablecoin which means that its value is tied to a real-world asset. Unlike most cryptocurrencies […]

Why are people ditching traditional money transfer channels for crypto remittance?

Cross-border money transfer is a hot topic when it comes to cryptocurrency use cases. Discussions often revolve around how crypto is revolutionizing remittances globally. Accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the remittance industry has evolved from transfers via physical remittance stores to online transfers. In 2020, World Bank data recorded that global remittances to low- and […]

How to optimize your business with crypto payouts?

Have you been relying on banks and financial institutions to pay out funds to your global partners and customers? Accelerate the process and save more money by paying out in cryptocurrency. Triple-A’s crypto payout facilitates the process of sending earnings, commissions, rewards, incentives, rebates, and more to your partners with crypto. The entire process is […]

Lightning-fast Payment Method For Your Business

What is Bitcoin Lightning? Scalability has been a concern for Bitcoin as it processes just around seven transactions per second. When Bitcoin exploded in popularity, transactions took a long time to process with higher transaction fees incurred. Experts in the financial industry deemed that Bitcoin wasn’t able to host the global economy, compared to the […]

Everything you need to know about Ethereum

What is Ethereum? With Ethereum’s upgrade to the London Hard Fork, let’s look into Ethereum, the second-biggest cryptocurrency worldwide, based on its market value. There are two components to Ethereum, a blockchain platform with its own cryptocurrency called Ether (ETH), and a programming language known as Solidity. Vitalik Buterin first proposed Ethereum in 2013; he […]

Companies accepting crypto payments 2021

2021 has been a significant year for the cryptocurrency market, with Bitcoin reaching its all-time high of US$60,000 in March. More businesses are starting to accept crypto as a payment as crypto becomes increasingly mainstream. There are over 18,000 businesses worldwide accepting crypto as of today, and this number is increasing quickly. In this article, […]

El Salvador adopts Bitcoin as official currency, explained

El Salvador, the Central American country, is the first country to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender officially. It will take effect on 7 Sept 2021. Then on, Bitcoin will be used alongside the U.S. dollar, El Salvador’s official currency. And this means every business will accept Bitcoin as payment for goods and services. Citizens can […]

Crypto mining with renewable energy, explained

The rising energy usage by crypto miners has been facing increasing public scrutiny after Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the company would suspend Bitcoin payments until miners use 50% clean energy. Immediately, a new Bitcoin Mining Council was formed to promote energy usage transparency to encourage miners to use renewable sources. Globally, miners in […]

5 things you are missing if you are not accepting crypto payments

Cryptocurrency, created over 10 years ago, is now disrupting the payment ecosystem. The bitcoin exchange rate hit an all-high of US$33,000 in February 2021. Crypto payment is becoming mainstream, and deciding to accept cryptocurrency is not as thorny as before; it has become as simple as adding a new payment option for your customers. There […]

Triple-A complies with the highest international security standards

In addition to being compliant with MAS, Singapore’s Central Bank, Triple-A is registered as a Money Service Business by FinCen, The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, a bureau of the United States Department of the Treasury. Regulated by FINCEN, the US Department of the Treasure As a registered Money Services Business by FinCen, Triple-A complies with […]

Crypto remittance is gaining momentum

Cryptocurrency is changing the remittance industry. New remittance businesses are gaining ground over traditional money transfer players with faster, cheaper, and secure crypto remittance solutions. Global remittance is a huge market Remittance is the transfer of money which is not tied to any commercial exchange. It is mainly used by foreign workers to send funds […]

Triple-A provides safe and secure crypto payment solutions

Compliance is one of Triple-A’s core values as its objective is to provide safe and secure crypto payment solutions to its partners. In order to achieve this objective, Triple-A complies with local Singaporean policies, PSA 2019, and international recommendations, FAFT.  What is the PSA 2019? The Payment Services Act, which was passed by the Singaporean […]

10 reasons why you should add bitcoin payment to your website

Adding Bitcoin payment for your business is one of the great ways to boost your company and store sales. There is no downside and everything to win. Here are 10 reasons why you should add bitcoin payment to your website. 1. Low commission When considering a payment method for your store, whether you are an […]

First bitcoin donation campaign for SimplyGiving

Charities don’t rest on their laurels. They are always trying to find new ways to get the population to know them, care for their cause, and donate so their projects can be completed and move forward. Technology can be of good help to charities and nonprofit organizations. Indeed, it can help with promoting the organization,  […]

Using traditional Bitcoin wallets poses privacy risks

Imagine this: You start accepting Bitcoin as a method of payment for your small business – you think it will be a great way to open yourself to a larger market. At first, you notice a large uptick in the number of clients you’re working with, and many of your current clients begin to pay […]

BIP-70: A useful advancement, too early for widespread use

BIP-70 (protocol used by BitPay) provides a useful mechanism that can enhance user experience and prevent payment errors. The protocol offers payment improvements by signing each transaction and reducing the complexity of cryptocurrency transactions. BIP-70 provides proof of the identity of the receiver, which significantly reduces the possibility of an erroneous transaction.  Is this too […]