Cryptocurrency in the Gaming industry


Cryptocurrency gaming

Gamers make up almost 1/3 of the world’s population today. It is undeniable that cryptocurrency has made a difference to the gaming industry. Here we will explore the demographics of crypto gamers and how major gaming companies leverage crypto to unlock more market opportunities.

Crypto in gaming

Potential of crypto in the Gaming industry

The crypto gaming industry had market revenue of US$321 million in 2020 with around 41.9 million gamers owning crypto. According to Newswagg’s research, 38% of them are Millennials aged between 21-38 years old, and they are the biggest age group. 

Gamers are also much more likely to own crypto as compared to others— 55% of the Millennials gamers own crypto as compared to just 5% of all Millennials.

There’s an immense potential for crypto to be more involved in the gaming industry. Among gamers who own crypto, 80% of them are interested in using cryptocurrency for gaming purchases, and 67% hope there are more opportunities for using cryptocurrency in gaming.

News of global gaming companies leveraging crypto




Future of crypto in gaming

Cryptocurrency has gained popularity in the gaming industry, with top gaming companies like Microsoft Xbox, Twitch, and G2A entering the cryptocurrency space. 

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Crypto games are now transforming the games market by letting players earn while playing. As more gamers accept crypto, gaming companies have a vast market opportunity to reach crypto gamers worldwide.