Cryptocurrency information about the Gaming industry


To provide in-depth analysis on the key players, their revenues, and audience in the gaming market in order to understand whether cryptocurrency is a viable market opportunity for gaming companies e.g. Ubisoft, Sony Interactive, Activision Blizzard, Nintendo, Tencent, and any global gaming brands. 

Overview of Crypto Gaming Industry

Demographics of Gamers who own Crypto

  • The average gamer who owns crypto is a male aged between 35-44 years old.

Global Gaming and Crypto Owners

  • The APAC region has the highest ownership rate with 22.6 million gamers that hold cryptocurrency, followed by Europe with 5.9 million gamers, Middle East & Africa, Latin America and North America regions.

Crypto Gaming Platform Revenue

  • Mobile games generate the highest revenue of $128.4 million (40%), followed by Console games generating $89.9 million (28%), along with Downloaded/Boxed PC games, Tablet games and Browser PC games.

Global Gaming and Crypto Revenue

  • Crypto gamers in the Asia-Pacific region generate the highest revenue of $157.3 million (49%), followed by North Americans with $80.3 million (25%), Europe, Latin America as well as Middle East & Africa. 

Gamers’ view towards Crypto

Crypto Adoption in Gaming


Crypto in gaming is rising quickly in popularity, with top gaming companies like Microsoft Xbox, Twitch and Steam entering the cryptocurrency space.

As more gamers and gaming companies accept cryptocurrency, others in the industry would do well with onboarding such methods swiftly.

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