Crypto payments for e-commerce

Integrate TripleA payment system
directly in your online shop


Convert your crypto to local currency in real time


Regulated by MAS (Singapore’s Central Bank)


No chargeback, payments are irreversible

How it works

Start within minutes


Quick integration

Install TripleA on your online store with our one-minute plug-in or a custom integration


Get more customers

Access to 150 million crypto users worldwide shopping online and grow your business


Increase your revenue

Receive money directly in your bank account (to avoid volatility risk) or in your digital wallet

Integrated with

TripleA pinwheelpay bitcoin payment

Easy and fast integration

Platform plugins

Integrated within WooCommerce, Opencart and Shopify

Embedded Payment Form

Minimal coding and optimal user experience

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External Payment Form

Easy to implement for any site or app

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Capture more
sales with bitcoin

They trust us

Triple A provides an easy way for me to capture more sales.

Triple A offers more convenience and choice for our customers, but also ensures every transaction is safe and guaranteed. Having a payment partner that listens to feedback is crucial and we believe Triple A stand out from their competition.

One of the most straightforward integrations I have done.
Good job!

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