Triple-A crypto payment gateway for e-commerce

Crypto payments
for e-commerce.

Integrate Triple-A’s crypto payment gateway with your online store in just a few clicks and attract new customers worldwide.


Crypto payments in e-commerce are simple and as intuitive as any other payment method


Add this new payment method within minutes with our APIs or e-commerce platform plugins


Triple-A removes volatility risk as settlement is done in local currency and directly transferred to your bank account

How it works

Accept cryptocurrency via your online store in just a few clicks

Select the integration option

Choose between our e-commerce platform plugins and easy-to-integrate API

Customize the payment gateway

Finalise the setup and choose how it will appear on your website

Accept crypto payments

Access to 420+ million cryptocurrency users worldwide and grow your business

Merchant dashboard

Access to all your crypto transactions through your dedicated Merchant dashboard

Track orders and payments

Streamline accounts reconciliation

Facilitate customer refunds


Integration options

Select the right option for your online store. All options are fast and easy to install.

Developer-friendly API

1 API call to prepare a request

No front-end development needed

1 webhook to receive updates

Embedded payment form

The crypto payment form appears within your website

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External payment form

The crypto payment form appears in a new window

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Platform plugins

Integrate with e-commerce platform plugins in just a few clicks

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