Crypto payment gateway for Payment Service Provider

Crypto payments
for PSPs.

Add crypto as new payment method to your payment gateway and capture transactions from more customers.


There are currently 420 million crypto users worldwide. Attract payments from a whole new type of customer.


Completely white label Triple-A technology and add it to your payment gateway under your own brand.


Crypto payments also remove all risk of charge-backs. Payments are permanent.

Compliant crypto payments

Triple-A complies with the highest international security standards and guarantees zero fraud on all the transactions processed.

Compliant with MAS

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (Central Bank).

Regulated by FinCen

The US Department of the Treasury.

Blockchain Analysis

Each transaction is scored and verified.

How it works

The payment experience is as easy as any other payment method

Integrate Triple-A

Our technology can easily be integrated on any payment stack. We also enable full white labelling of our technology.

Process the crypto payment

Merchants and end-users payment process is intuitive and seamless. Crypto payment also remove completely chargeback.

Offer the new payment option

Let your merchants know that they can easily accept cryptocurrency as any other payment method.

Settle in local currency

Settlement in local currency remove any price volatility risk. We only charge a flat 1% fee and we support all major currencies: USD, EUR, JPY, GBP…

Flexible settlement process

Settlement to PSPs

We settle merchants payments in local currency directly to your bank account.

Settlement to merchants

We settle payments in local currency directly to your merchants’ bank account.

Customizable payment gateway

It’s your technology

Offer crypto payments under your own brand.

We enable white label on all elements.

Customize all elements

Payment gateways




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