Triple-A crypto trading service

Crypto trading
for digital wallet.

Power the buying, selling and tracking of cryptocurrency on your digital wallet platform. Launch our ready-to-go crypto trading service, complete with your branding to grow and expand your business.


Attract new customers by offering cryptocurrency trading services on your platform. Leverage the growing demand for crypto trading worldwide.


Build loyalty with existing customers who want crypto trading services. Retain customers as they return to track their accumulated cryptocurrencies.


Save your customers time and money, offer a one-stop platform for them to trade cryptocurrency instantly without having to go through an exchange.

Support popular cryptocurrencies

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How it works

Quick and easy integration with any digital wallet. Reduce time-to-market with our crypto trading service.

Buy and sell cryptocurrency

Opt for crypto trading

Existing customer enables crypto trading on their mobile wallet.

Buy cryptocurrency

Customer buys crypto through your digital wallet platform. Triple-A executes the market order.

Receive cryptocurrency

Customer gets crypto in their account with the ability to track past purchases.

Crypto trading features

Turnkey crypto trading service to kick-start your crypto trading business.

Triple-A crypto trading dashboard

Overview of buy and sell market orders

Real-time prices updated every few seconds

Live exchange rate, available 24/7

Highly secure custodial wallet

Settle in your preferred currency

Track historical data of all crypto transactions

White label crypto trading

Applicable across all payments platforms to meet your business needs.

Digital wallets

Stay in front of your customers, offer seamless crypto trading services within your digital wallet application.

Banks & brokerage firms

Attract high-net-worth clients and retail investors to trade cryptocurrency on your banking platform.

Prepaid cards providers

Stand out against your competitors by offering crypto trading service on your prepaid card platform.

Crypto trading integration

Intuitive integration with your existing digital wallet platform.

API integration

Implement all components of crypto trading with ease. Take full control of the front-end integration for an enhanced user experience.

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