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Cryptocurrency Adoption and trends in Canada in 2021



of Canadians
own cryptocurrency

How many cryptocurrencies owners are there in Canada?

It is estimated that over 1.2 million people, 3.2% of Canada’s total population, currently own cryptocurrency.(¹)

Canada – the next potential cryptocurrencies hub?

As of 1st June 2020, cryptocurrency exchanges and payment processors are legally recognized as Money Service Businesses (MSB) within Canada.(2)

Cryptocurrencies Ownership Demographics in Canada

More Canadian men (19.45%) had bought cryptocurrency than women (14.10%). Additionally, millennials are the largest group of cryptocurrencies owners in Canada, with 31.68% of millennials owning cryptocurrency.(3)

Canada’s domestic survey on Bitcoin ownership – of which the latest edition was released in late 2019 – revealed a growth among people ages 35 and up. Not only was there are growth of 1.7 percentage in the age group of 35-to 54-year-olds, there was also a noticeable increase in the oldest age group was observed. No newer figures were available for 2020 or 2021: The period that the price of Bitcoin started the climb towards a value of 60,000 U.S. dollars.(4)

Age groups who own a cryptocurrency in Canada from 2016 to 2018:

Cryptocurrencies’s rising popularity in Canada

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