Chile | 2021

Cryptocurrency adoption and trends in Chile in 2021



of Chileans
own cryptocurrency

How many cryptocurrencies owners are there in Chile?

It is estimated that over 500 thousand people, 2.6% of Chile’s total population, currently own cryptocurrency.(¹)

Chile – Latin America's potential cryptocurrencies hub?

Chilean cryptocurrency exchange Cryptocurrencies MKT has integrated with a cryptocurrencies payment processor allowing the country’s citizens to purchase products and services with cryptocurrency from over 5,000 merchants. (2) 

How do Chileans view cryptocurrencies?

Chile has seen record peer-to-peer Bitcoin trading volumes of nearly $580 thousand Chilean Pesos in September 2020. Chilean cryptocurrency exchange CryptocurrenciesMarket has also seen daily trading volume in US dollars grow by nearly 270%, reaching about US$281,000. (3)

Cryptocurrencies’s rising popularity in Chile

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