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Digital currency Adoption and trends in Philippines in 2021



of Filipinos
own digital currency

How many digital currencies owners are there in the Philippines?

It is estimated that over 4.3 million people, 4.0% of Philippines’ total population, currently own digital currency.

Philippines – Southeast Asia’s digital currencies hub?

Bitcoin peer-to-peer trading activity in Philippines reached record highs in 2020, with volumes exceeding $1 million USD and consistently holding above $500,000 USD since early May.

According to new report in 2021, The Philippines is one of the world’s fastest adopters of digital currency. It is shown that The Philippines has the third-highest uptake of digital currencies globally.

Are Filipinos open to digital currencies?

There was a high level of awareness of digital currencies in Philippines (74%). 53% of Filipinos expressed interest in investing in digital currencies in the future while 39% of Filipino digital currencies owners said that they would use these assets as a means of payment for online purchases.

Nichel Gaba, CEO and founder of Philippine Assets and Digital Exchange, said, “Between December 2020 and today, something happened to put bitcoin and digital currencies into a space where even traditional portfolio managers need to consider them. We are living in interesting times in digital currencies.” Companies like his has seen up to a 70-fold increase in transactions and a 15-fold customer increase in less than a year.

Digital currency ownership is extremely prevalent in the Philippines. Rather than using the market for speculation, the segment of the Filipino population that has turned to digital currencies largely comprises people living in urban regions, wealthy professionals and people who use the blockchain to send money. While remittances represent 10% of GDP in the nation, roughly three-quarters of the population are without a bank account. Blockchain technologies and digital currencies have helped to fill this gap, with the average remittance fees for digital currency exchanges hovering at 30-50 basis points.

Digital currencies’s rising popularity in Philippines

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