Vietnam | 2021

Digital currency Adoption and trends in Vietnam in 2021



of Vietnamese
own digital currency

How many digital currencies owners in Vietnam?

It is estimated that over 5.9 million people, 6.1% of Vietnam’s total population, currently own digital currency.

Vietnam - potential global digital currencies hub?

Vietnam ranked second in the world for the value of retail and all on-chain digital currency transactions, ahead of countries such as USA, China and Russia. In addition, access from Vietnam to digital currency websites and trading platforms were in the top five highest in the world.

Are Vietnamese open to digital currencies?

More than half of Vietnamese (59%) expressed interest in investing in digital currencies in the future while 31% said that they would use digital currencies for online payments. In addition, there was a high level of awareness (82%) and understanding (62% had some level of understanding) of digital currencies.

Digital currencies's rising popularity in Vietnam

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