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Asia’s leading international moving company Vanpac GroupAsia partners with Triple-A in accepting crypto payments

Many companies have taken innovative steps in widening their audience scope. Vanpac GroupAsia has opened their doors to more consumers by enabling crypto payments in partnership with Triple-A, a licensed payment gateway. With very few players in this segment, the company’s goal is to be one of the first to revolutionize the experience of expatriates that wish to relocate to a different country by giving them the option to pay with cryptocurrency.

Expensive transaction fees and bank charges are a key concern for international businesses and their clients, with loss of exchange rates being a contributing factor. By accepting crypto payments, the company and its clients and partners are able to leverage seamless transactions, send and receive payments swiftly, and reduce costs.

Technology impacts the whole supply chain, and blockchain contributes to the solution to transport and moving service nuisances from order tracking and process efficiency. Logistics and transportation is an $8 trillion industry and as much as $140 billion in transactions can be tied up in disputes for payments every day.

The competitive advantage of Vanpac GroupAsia’s integration with crypto payments not only simplifies cross-border transactions, but also taps efficiency, security, and transparency. Cryptocurrency payments help simplify the process of multiple intermediaries and order processes without interference.

Crypto payments are as easy as doing a normal transaction, where instead of indicating your bank or card details, you simply scan a QR code or copy a wallet address and pay using your crypto wallet. With features such as the Lightning Network, crypto transactions are secure and instant with extremely low fees. 

“When I started exploring into cryptocurrencies, I was surprised to find out that there are merchants in Singapore that accept cryptocurrencies for the payment of services and an endless range of products. Looking deeper into the demographics of cryptocurrency users and investors, I felt that many of our clients who are relocating may fall into this group. Vanpac GroupAsia is delighted with our partnership with Triple-A, as their compliant business model will allow us to cater to new customers and improve our services,” said Alvin Ong, Network Director of Vanpac GroupAsia

“The moving and relocations industry is an excellent niche for crypto payments and we’re happy that Vanpac GroupAsia decided to partner with us in helping revolutionize the processes of payments and transactions. This gives more opportunities for consumers to utilize their crypto investments and for Vanpac GroupAsia to access more clients that prefer to transact using crypto,” said Eric Barbier, CEO of Triple-A.

Blockchain technology improves security, allows for more traceable transactions, and is a far more efficient and effective mode of payment. With the accessibility of cross-border transactions and smart invoicing, crypto payments are a big advancement for the future of the moving and relocations segment.

About Triple-A
Triple-A helps businesses increase their revenue by enabling crypto payments and payouts, leveraging on the fast-growing 300m+ people using cryptocurrencies. 

With its white-label,  easy setup, instant confirmation, locked-in exchange rate, real-time fiat conversion, and no chargeback crypto payment solution, Triple-A meets the needs of e-commerce merchants, retailers, game providers, PSPs, fintech, and marketplaces.

Triple-A was founded in Singapore in 2017 by Eric Barbier, a repeat entrepreneur in FinTech. The company is licensed by MAS, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (Singapore’s Central Bank), allowing partners to operate in a fully compliant and regulated environment.

About Vanpac GroupAsia
Vanpac GroupAsia is a leading moving company in Asia and is a proud affiliate of FIDI which is the global alliance of professional international moving and relocations companies. With 15 locations across the Far East, Vanpac has over 1,800 partners worldwide and has been helping individuals and businesses transport their personal belongings and relocate since 1976.

Each year Vanpac GroupAsia moves thousands of corporate executives, diplomats, and expatriate families to their new homes from every corner of the globe. With the common goals of providing excellence in service and a superb move experience, Vanpac GroupAsia is customer-driven and quality-focused.

Visit Vanpac GroupAsia Website: http://www.vanpacgroupasia.com/
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