Top up mobile credits with digital currency

May 14, 2021 | 3 min read

Living in Germany, in a multicultural environment, the founders of utransto noticed that it was hard for their friends to stay in contact with their loved ones aboard and to be part of their daily lives. Sending mobile credits to their loved ones was made even more challenging with no bank or shop nearby. This is why they started utransto, enabling people to send airtime to their loved ones quickly, reliably, and safely.

With presence in over 140 countries, anyone can access utransto 24/7, 365 days a year. Whether it is a prepaid mobile phone or a prepaid broadband stick, people can simply purchase the credits and send them automatically to the receiver of their choice.

“utransto makes it easy for people to stay In touch and share more airtime with friends and family even when they are far apart. Now with digital currency payments integrated, it further realizes our vision of providing mobile access to the unbanked or people with no credit card access,” said Dominik Stauffer, CEO of utransto.

The global mobile payment market size is set to grow US$12 trillion by 2027, at 30.1% CAGR from 2020. The increase in penetration of smartphones across the globe and the rise in the m-commerce industry in emerging countries are the major factors driving the growth of the mobile payment market. In reality, COVID-19 has also pushed the demand for contactless payments to minimize physical contacts.

“In today’s market, we see the increasing demand of mobile top-up operators seeking for digital currency payment option. In addition, the current digital currency market capitalization of US$2 trillion shows that digital currencies owners are starting to use their digital currency for daily necessities. We are very excited about this partnership with utransto and look forward to more developments in the mobile payments market,” said Eric Barbier, Founder and CEO of Triple-A.

With major companies such as Telsa, Paypal, Microsoft, etc., accepting digital currency, it signifies that digital currency usage has become mainstream. Seeing more companies onboarded onto the digital currency space, digital currency payment is definitely not something to be missed.

About Triple-A
Triple-A allows online and offline businesses to accept digital currency payments with zero price volatility risk by converting them to local currencies in real-time. With its easy setup, its highly competitive exchange rate, and its no-chargebacks payment system, Triple-A helps businesses increase their revenue by accessing the growing digital currency users (200m+) community from all over the world.

About utransto
utransto helps their customers stay connected around the world by giving them the opportunity to transfer airtime to 140 countries, 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. Whether it is a prepaid mobile phone or a prepaid broadband stick, anyone can simply purchase the credit and send it automatically to the receiver of their choice. Easy!

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