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Plugin FAQ


TripleA supports any proper standards-compatible wallet using either legacy or segwit addresses. This should cover almost any good cryptocurrency wallet your customers may be using.

For both settlement modes, a TripleA dashboard account will be created upon account activation. In the dashboard you can view the transaction history for any one of your accounts, issue refunds, and send cryptocurrency payment request links (for invoice payments).

If you create several accounts, these will all be available in your TripleA dashboard, linked to the email address used to create the accounts in the plugin. So if you sign up for a cryptocurrency settlement mode, then activate the local currency settlement mode with the same email address, both will appear in the TripleA dashboard.

Local currency settlement accounts are created with both a Live and a Sandbox account, both will appear in the dashboard to facilitate testing payments.

As soon as you activate an account, the dashboard credentials will be emailed to you. Please make sure to check your spam folder if you don't see an incoming email from TripleA within a few minutes.

Yes! Our payment form itself displays in the user's browser language (automatic detection). Most other elements are translated as well. Please notify us if you see any missing or wrong translation.

Currently the following languages are supported (you can reach out if you'd like us to add another language):

  • ZH Chinese (simplified)
  • NL Dutch
  • FR French
  • DE German
  • ID Indonesian
  • IT Italian
  • JP Japanese
  • PL Polish
  • PT Portuguese
  • RU Russian
  • ES Spanish

Local currency settlement

Yes. We will reach out to you via e-mail once you have provided your bank information in the dashboard, or as soon as you start receiving cryptocurrency payments.
The documents required depend on the type of company or business.

If you are concerned about passing KYC/KYB verification you can easily reach out to us at Meanwhile you can start using the plugin in Sandbox mode or disable the plugin (hide it from your checkout page).

There is only a single fee: when we settle money to your bank account there is a 0.8% commission.

So when a customer pays, they pay their own cryptocurrency transaction fee. The cryptocurrency arrives to us, we note how much local currency we owe you for the given order. We then pay out that owed local currency amount to your bank minus 0.8%.

Note: some banks may charge transfer fees on their end. If you are concerned about this, you may contact us to request weekly or monthly settlements rather than daily.

The minimum threshold for settlement to happen is 100 USD. As soon as the amount due is 100 USD or higher (or equivalent value if in another currency), we will settle on the next business day.

Note: some banks may charge transfer fees on their end. If you are concerned about this, you may contact us to request weekly or monthly settlements rather than daily.

Cryptocurrency settlement

cryptocurrency wallets are controlled by a private and a public master key. The private key allows spending your funds (signing transactions). The public key allows generating cryptocurrency addresses.

In order to accept payments, a cryptocurrency address is needed. We use your master public key to generate a unique single-use cryptocurrency address for each payment. This protects your transaction history from your customers, and protects your customers privacy.

Note: a virtually infinite amount of addresses can be generated, all unique and different but all belong to your cryptocurrency wallet.

If you use a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet (one where you manage your own cryptocurrency, not some 3rd party company or platform) such as Exodus or
Electrum, you can find instructions on Youtube or via a search engine. You will need to go in the settings or look through the menus.

Some online custodial wallets such as also allow you to view and copy your master public key. However, exchange and many custodial wallets won't make this available to you. In that case, you will need to either create a new wallet using Electrum or other such wallet or opt for local currency settlement.

Note: we recommend you create a new wallet for use only with TripleA and your current store. This will avoid mixing notifications in case you receive cryptocurrency payments from other sources.

No. We do not support multi-sig or 2FA wallets. If you use such a wallet, you will need to create a new wallet for use with our plugin.

Customers & payments

Cryptocurrency payments can be detected instantly on the blockchain. Orders get placed then with "pending" status.

As long as a payment has not been confirmed, goods or services should NOT be delivered yet.

For payments to be confirmed it can take anywhere from 10 minutes to several hours
(in the worst cases). This depends on the transaction fee the customer paid.

TripleA Instant Confirmation

If you accept payment to a local currency account, most orders can instantly be considered fully paid (well before they have been confirmed on the blockchain).
This is made possible thanks to our proprietary technology and the fact that once we guarantee you a payment, that amount will be settled to you no matter what may happen with the blockchain confirmation.

Your dashboard account offers full transparent information about the state of transactions.\

The cryptocurrency payment form guarantees the exchange rate for 25 minutes which is more than enough for most users.

However, some users may be paying from an exchange wallet. Exchanges tend to wait and accumulate transactions to process them all at once for cost savings, meaning the cryptocurrency transaction from the customer will not appear on the blockchain right away.

If your customer paid but the payment form expired before the payment was detected, the order can still be placed.The order details in your WooCommerce backend will reflect this.

As soon as TripleA detects the payment, the order will be updated in your WooCommerce backend.

If a user has internet connexion issues or is using certain browser plugins, very rarely it may happen that the order did not get placed.

First, without an order in your system, you will need another way to confirm that the user did indeed pay. You can check your TripleA dashboard or reach out to our team via

If the user did indeed pay, you may either refund him from the TripleA dashboard (the process is easy for your and the customer, however note that the refund will be received by the customer after 1-2 business days). Or you may create a one time use coupon for this user so that he may purchase his products without having to pay the same amount again.