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Install TripleA payment getaway on your WordPress website and allow bitcoin owners to buy your products.

Integration Requirements

  1. WordPress 3.0.1 or higher
  2. Recent and up-to-date versions of WooCommerce
  3. PHP 5.4.0 or higher


  • Choose between receiving bitcoin or local currency
  • Non custodial system: Direct peer-to-peer transactions, no intermediaries involved
  • 19 fiat currencies supported with real-time exchange rates
  • Intuitive dashboard that handles refunds
  • Transparent pricing, no setup or recurring fee
  • Email notifications available
  • Dedicated support

How to install

  1. Login to your WordPress dashboard and go to the Plugin tab and click Add New.
    Search “TripleA bitcoin payment” in the Plugin Directory within your WordPress site’s plugin page.

  2. Click Install Now. Activate the plugin then go to Installed Plugins tab.
    Under the plugin name: “Bitcoin Payment Gateway for WooCommerce”, Click Settings 

  3. Choose your option: Create a TripleA wallet (local currency withdrawal) or use your Personal bitcoin wallet (bitcoin withdrawal)

  4. Create or enter your wallet information within TripleA

  5. If you decide to use TripleA Wallet
    Tick the “Accept bitcoin payments” checkbox and Switch to “Live Mode”.
    Under “TripleA Wallet”, click on Create wallet and insert your preferred email address. Then, Click on Create wallet again and Obtain your OTP (one-time-password) from your email box.
    Click on Validate email then, Click on Save changes  

  6. If you use your own bitcoin wallet
    Tick the “Accept bitcoin payments” checkbox and Switch to “Live Mode”
    Under “Personal bitcoin Wallet”, click on Create wallet and Insert your wallet’s public key

  7. Insert your notification email address (Optional). Then, Click on Create wallet again and on Save changes.

WooCommerce plugin

Version 1.2.0

Download Integration

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