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Safe and secure cryptocurrency wallet

Payment method

Accept Bitcoins on your website now

API & Integration

Fast and user-friendly set-up for both plugins and API.

Money withdrawal

Get Bitcoins or money in your local currency.

Online Businesses

Million of people use Bitcoin everyday. Offer a Bitcoin payment option on your website and get access to even more clients. Very easy to start with our intuitive interface and our support along the way.
Only 0.8% for cash withdrawal

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Charities and nonprofit organizations

Open-up to more donations with Bitcoins option. Add this smart button for free on your website and start receiving donations now. Get Bitcoins or cash in your local currency, no fee at all !

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Choose Your option

Wheter you have an online businness, running a charity or YouTube account. 
Whether you have a homemade website or use WordPresse.
We got you covered!

Woocommerce plugin

Our WordPress plugin is totally integrated in Woocommerce. Just downoad it and start accepting bitcoin now.

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API & Integration

User-friendly and intuitive, our API will help you customize Bitcoin Payment to your own needs.

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Donation smart button

Easy to setup, our smart button will give you access to even more donations. Start diversifying your contributions now.

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Earn more with Bitcoins

Use Bitcoins and cryptocurrency payment to your advantage!
TripleA solutions will get your business beyond. 
Bitcoin to bitcoin

The Bitcoins go from your clients wallet, directly to yours.
No intermediary. 

Bitcoin to currency

Get payments in your local currency, directly in your bank account.

No chargeback

Transactions are chargeback protected. They cannnot be disputed or reversed.

 Go global

Bitcoins are universal. Open and expand your business to anyone around the world.

Start for free

0% commission for Bitcoin to Bitcoin transactions. We just provide the service for free.

Intuitive API 

Custom integration is a piece of cake with our user-centric solution.


Enjoy an easy setup and insightful dashboard .

Real-time notifications

Always track your sales, even when you're on the go.


In accordance to Personal Data Protection Act. You are the sole owner of your personal information.

Standards and norms

Strong compliance with anti money laundering and KYC policies.

Integrated accounting

Export all your transaction history to ease your accounting.

Billing option

Include Bitcoin payment option in your invoices .

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