Global Crypto Ownership Reaches 562 Million People in 2024: New Report

562 million people across the globe now own crypto

“Crypto” may stem from the Greek word for “hidden,” but today, cryptocurrency is stepping into the spotlight like never before.  Global demand for digital currencies is exploding, raising questions about the future role and opportunities they offer businesses worldwide. To guide you through this evolving landscape, we’re excited to release our new report The State of Global Cryptocurrency Ownership in 2024.

Dive in to find out the current state of cryptocurrency ownership and how you can leverage these trends for your business’ growth.

  • Crypto Ownership by Country & Continent
  • Global Crypto Ownership by Age Group and Gender
  • Top 25 Countries with the Highest Cryptocurrency Ownership Rate
  • Cryptocurrency Ownership vs. Traditional Payment Methods
  • The Drivers Behind the 2024 Surge in Crypto Adoption
  • Cryptocurrency as a Payment Option and its Key Benefits

Key Statistics

  • In 2024, the global user base for digital currencies reached 562 million people, up from 420 million in 2023.
  • 34% of cryptocurrency owners are aged 24-35, the largest share among all age groups.
  • UAE, Singapore, and Turkey lead among the top 30 economies with the highest crypto ownership rate.
  • Asia maintains its lead in crypto ownership, increasing from 268.2 million to 326.8 million, followed by North America with 72.2 million.

How many people own crypto in 2024?

Cryptocurrency is on the rise. Around 562 million people worldwide, or the equivalent of 6.8% of the global population, now own digital currencies, up 34% from 420 million in 2023.


people own cryptocurrencies globally.


increase in cryptocurrency ownership from 2023.


of the world population have cryptocurrencies.

…and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. 

In our latest report, The State of Cryptocurrency Ownership Worldwide in 2024, we bring you a breakdown of the demographics of this skyrocketing user base of digital currencies, as well as their preferences for crypto usage across various sectors, and discuss the implications for global businesses. Read it here!

A Look at The State of Cryptocurrency Ownership Worldwide in 2024

With its decentralized nature and the convenience of digital transactions, it’s no wonder digital currencies are attracting the interest of a growing segment of the global population.

Cryptocurrency Ownership by Region in 2024

Which countries have the highest cryptocurrency ownership rate? Let’s have a look.

Top 30 countries with the highest cryptocurrency ownership rate

The United Arab Emirates and Singapore top the chart with the highest ownership rates, with 25.3% and 24.4% respectively. Among the top 30 countries with the highest ownership rate, we find countries from various continents and economic standings – ranging from emerging markets like Turkey and Argentina to smaller economies such as Slovenia and Luxembourg.

Asia strengthens its reputation as a hub for digital currency adoption and innovation, with 10 of its countries ranking among the top 30 globally with the highest adoption rates. Discover more details, including a comparative analysis of digital currency ownership across regions and usage trends, in our full report.

What’s Driving the Surge in Cryptocurrency Ownership Worldwide

Regulatory Changes

In 2024, clearer regulations transformed cryptocurrency from a niche market into a significant player in global finance. This regulatory evolution bolsters investor confidence and paves the way for groundbreaking products like Bitcoin Spot ETFs

Media Sensation and Education Resources

Events like the Bitcoin Halving spark market activity and fuel discussions everywhere, from online forums to casual chats. The buzz centers on the potential for huge gains, fueled by FOMO – the fear of missing out on the next big thing. This irresistible mix of financial opportunity and cutting-edge tech keeps attracting new investors eager to ride the crypto wave.

In response, educational resources like Binance Academy, University, and Coinbase Institute are expanding to meet the growing demand for information about this cutting-edge technology.

Apart from the above-mentioned forces, the rising adoption of cryptocurrencies is also fueled by various macroeconomic factors, such as inflation and currency devaluation. These aspects will be explored in greater detail in our full report here.

More than a form of investment – Cryptocurrency as an efficient Payment Method

Digital currencies extend beyond investment vehicles and are being increasingly embraced by consumers and businesses as a reliable payment method for everyday transactions.

For instance, Grab has partnered with Triple-A to enable users to top up wallets using digital currencies. This integration allows consumers to use digital assets for everyday activities, from ordering deliveries and booking rides to purchasing coffee at local shops.

Why are more and more businesses embracing digital currencies as a payment method?

Lower Transaction fees

Blockchain technology reduces the need for intermediaries such as payment processors, cutting transaction costs significantly.

A Chargeback-free but fully refundable payment method

Once a transaction is confirmed on the blockchain, it becomes final and irreversible, so chargeback fraud, a common issue related to card payments faced by businesses is no longer a concern.

No Volatility

Despite the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, the rise of stablecoins and services that convert crypto to fiat instantly provide stability and reassurance amid market fluctuations.

Expanded Reach

Cryptocurrencies enable global transactions with lower fees and faster speeds than traditional cross-border transfers, promoting financial inclusion in areas with limited banking access.

In a digital world that demands faster, more convenient transactions, industries like travel, e-commerce, and even luxury retail are turning to cryptocurrencies to address the limitations of traditional payment systems.

The Future Ahead

With half a billion users globally, increased regulation, and technological advancements, cryptocurrency adoption and use rates will continue to rise. 

What does this mean for your business?

The continued rise of digital currencies presents exciting new opportunities to access a global market of tech-savvy customers seeking seamless payment experiences. Integrating cryptocurrency payments into your business can help you unlock new customer segments, improve transaction efficiencies, and future-proof your operations.

Get the latest insights on digital currency ownership in our full report and discover the strategies driving success in this exciting new market!

Download Our Report: The State of Global Cryptocurrency Ownership in 2024


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