Crypto payments
for retail stores.

Accept cryptocurrency in your physical stores directly with your mobile devices and POS machines and attract new consumers.


Upgrade your retail store with crypto technology and become the most innovative shop around.


Settlement is done in local currency to remove volatility risk and automatically transfer to your bank account.


We build your crypto solutions based on your retail needs and adapt to your existing technology.

How it works

Accepting cryptocurrency in a retail store does not add any complexity. The payment process is simple and easy while customer experience is as intuitive as any other payment method.

Customers pay with crypto

People pay in your stores using mobile devices or POS machines.

TripleA process the payment

We settle payments using our cutting edge blockchain technology.

Receive local currency

Money is automatically transfer to your bank account (or crypto wallet).

Consult the merchant dashboard

Track all the crypto transactions in your dedicated dashboard.

Custom integration

Each retail business is different, we provide easy tailored solutions

Custom integration

We design a complete tailored crypto solution for your retail store.

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