Pay your
globally in crypto,
without touching crypto
Save time and costs with our real-time, white-label crypto payouts solution, ideal for all cross-border payments.

How it works


You deposit funds in fiat.


Your payee requests a payout in cryptocurrency.


Both parties receive instant payout confirmation.


Locked-in exchange rate

No need to hold or convert crypto

24/7 payouts

No downtime due to bank holidays or weekends
Instant payouts

Save costs

No more banking intermediaries

Lower transaction fees

Easy setup

Trigger payouts from your merchant dashboard

API integration

We support the most relevant


and blockchain networks

What can you use crypto payouts for?

Digital currency payouts are ideal for all businesses seeking a reliable, secure and quick way to send funds globally.
Cross-border business payments
Freelancer payments
PSP merchant settlements
Marketplace seller settlements
Content creator payments
Payroll payments
Customer rewards and incentives
Treasury management
Crypto withdrawals​
… and more!

Enjoy the benefits of making crypto payouts without
having to acquire or hold crypto.

With our easy setup process, start making crypto payouts in no time

Integrate via Triple-A’s API
Manage payouts from your dashboard
Send automated bulk payouts

Integrate via Triple-A’s API

Allow your payees to request payouts in crypto on your own platform.

Manage payouts from your dashboard

Trigger payouts directly on your TripleA merchant dashboard.

Send automated bulk payouts

Streamline your payment process with automated payouts in bulk.

Compliance is our core guiding principle

Licensed in Singapore by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)
Licensed in the EU by Banque de France (ACPR)
Registered with the US Department of Treasury (FinCen)

Start enjoying the benefits
of crypto payments & payouts

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