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WordPress plugin

Dedicated Triple A plugin for websites supported by WordPress

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Compatible wallets

Electrum wallet

Electrum is a ligtweight open-source Bitcoin wallet.

It runs on Windows, OS X, Linux.
An Android app is available as well. wallet's wallet is a web platform, available from your browser.

Instructions for Electrum

Download Electrum at

After installing Electrum, open the application and create a new wallet:

Chose a name for your wallet
 -> Standard wallet
  -> Create a new seed
   -> Legacy (or Standard)

Then you should see your Electrum wallet (showing your empty transactions list). Now find your XPub address:

Wallet (top menu)
 -> Information
  -> Copy your XPub

Instructions for

Open a Blockchain Wallet at

If you already had an account, we recommend you create a second wallet in your account exclusively for transactions facilitated by Triple A. You can find the xPub for this account:

 -> Wallets & Addresses
  -> Manage
   -> More Options
    -> Show xPub

Other wallets

We support all BIP 44-compatible HD wallets.
BIP 32 HD wallets that use derivation path m/0/<n> for receiving addresses are compatible as well.
SegWit support is planned.

Carefully test the wallet you choose.
When in doubt, approach us for help.

Secure & direct transactions

A unique single-use payment address is generated for each transaction.
We fully hide and protect the private key that generates these payment addresses. Your wallet's private keys are secured and protected from prying eyes.
We are never in possession of your assets. What is yours stays yours.

Tripel A cryptocurrency payment services always fully protect your digital assets,
as well as your identity in transactions.

Supporting Youtube creators

Get your Bitcoin support page
(currently for Youtube content creators only)

Youtuber content creators can now easily accept Bitcoin tips from followers and viewers.

In a matter of minutes, generate a donation page with your channel's branding.

Easily share a simple link on all your social media profiles and in videos.

No login needed, no fees taken... Enjoy instant, direct peer-to-peer support.