A global movement embraces bitcoin to tackle the world’s social problems 

MYGiving, a global movement advocating acts of kindness in Malaysia is accepting bitcoin donations to engage in some of the world’s biggest social causes. 

November 29th, ​2019 – Inspired by Giving Tuesday in the US, MYGiving is supporting acts of kindness through a series of fundraising. All contributions collected during MYGiving, happening from 3rd to 8th of December, will be equally distributed to campaigns under social issues such as Poverty, Education, Women Empowerment or Environment.

Simply Giving recognizes the importance of technology and adaptability in this fast-changing society. By partnering with Triple-A, the intuitive bitcoin payment gateway, they aim “to ensure charities do not miss out on the opportunities offered by new technologies”. 

‘Our cooperation with Triple-A represents a convenient passageway to reach international contributors who wish to play a part in making the world a better place” says Cheryl Low, CEO of Simply Giving.

Simply Giving is one of the many organizations in favor of digital assets like bitcoin. Last month, UNICEF also announced its digital currency fund. Although such assets have been known to be highly volatile and risky, Triple-A seems to have found the fix for these concerns.

“We convert bitcoin donations to local currency in real-time protecting our users from any exposure to price volatility. We are proud to work with forward-looking organizations like Simply Giving.” – Eric Barbier, Triple-A’s CEO.

Donate now to MYGiving charities on their website.

Join the Triple-A community on Telegram: or LinkedIn:​ ​ for the latest news.

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