Social enterprise Cropital to accept digital currency to finance farmers worldwide

July 12, 2021 | 3 min read

Empowered Farmers, Fulfilled Investors
Cropital is the first crowdfunding platform that enables anyone to make low-cost sustainable agricultural investments. Investors can choose the farms they wish to invest in through Cropital’s website. Once the funding goals are met, farmers will be provided with the resources to improve their production. Investors will then receive the amount they invested and their share of the net profit once the crops are sold.

Cropital CEO Ruel Amparo believes that everyone can impact lives and grow their money at the same time. Through Cropital, investors’ gain returns range from 3% to 30% in less than 6 months.

Accommodating Investors of the Next Generation
Since 2015, multiple popular platforms such as Wefunder and Kickstarter have decided to accept digital currencies payment to acquire the pool of Bitcoin owners in the market. “The investment landscape is fast changing with digital currency becoming something that cannot be overlooked by the company,” said Mr. Ruel. It is estimated that by 2027, 10% of the world GDP will be stored in blockchain technology. With the tremendous growth of the digital currency community, offering digital currencies payments is the way forward to bring in more funding.

As more people hold onto digital currencies to diversify their investment portfolios, businesses are looking for ways to capture these customers and provide them with more payment options.  “Digital currencies payments, without a doubt, is a relevant form of payment now, and we see potential growth of 20% on Cropital crowdfunding platform after adding digital currencies payments,” added Mr. Ruel.

Triple-A, the Best Digital Currency Payment Gateway
When choosing which company Cropital should work with to run this new payment channel, Triple-A emerged as the most suitable service provider. The company complies with anti-money laundering regulations and is regulated by MAS, Singapore Central Bank, making them the most trustworthy partner. With zero price volatility risk, a highly competitive exchange rate, and a no charge-back payment system, Triple-A ensures that Cropital investors enjoy a seamless digital currencies payment process.

“I’m glad that Triple-A has contributed to the enhancement of the agriculture community,” said Eric Babier, CEO of Triple-A. “Given that varied businesses such as Cropital and big brands such as Paypal and Microsoft are embracing digital currencies payments, we warmly welcome more businesses to accept digital currencies.”

With the addition of digital currencies payments, Mr. Ruel foresees more farmers gaining support from the crowdfunding platform.

About Triple-A
Triple-A allows online and offline businesses to accept digital currency payments with zero price volatility risk by converting them to local currencies in real-time. With its easy setup, its highly competitive exchange rate, and its no-chargebacks payment system, Triple-A helps businesses increase their revenue by accessing the growing digital currency users (200m+) community from all over the world.

About Cropital
Cropital is a crowdfunding platform that connects anyone to help finance farmers globally. Its development is being supported by institutions in the US, Netherlands, Malaysia and the Philippines. Being a social enterprise, Cropital provides farmers access to scalable and sustainable financing. They provide investors, an opportunity to directly impact a life and at the same time grow their money. 

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