How to capture 30% more sales for your business with zero chargeback

In this article, Tokeneo elaborates upon the story of how Triple-A sets the gold standard for digital currency payment gateways, by helping Glocash achieve 30% higher total processing volume, and entirely eliminate chargebacks.

Triple-A has helped payment service providers (PSPs) such as Glocash harness the crucial advantages of bitcoin: higher revenue along with chargeback protection.

A 30% increase in total processing volume, and record low chargeback rates? These are mind-boggling achievements of Glocash, a flourishing PSP. Yet, little is known about their troubled past: a colossal and painful chargeback rate that surges with every new customer.

What led to the rejuvenating comeback for the struggling business? The answer is simple: Triple-A, the go-to bitcoin payment gateway. But what does bitcoin have to do with all this?

Bitcoin: the key to success

Bitcoin Market Capitalisation from 8 January to 6 February. Source:

With a USD 175 Billion market and a steady rate of growth, bitcoin represents tremendous sales potential. Indeed, as daily bitcoin transaction volume exceeds USD 1 Billion, capturing bitcoin users is the cornerstone of any business success amidst fierce competition.

Specifically, for PSPs such as Glocash, bitcoin plays an even more indispensable role. Plagued with frequent chargebacks, merchants and PSPs lost enormous sums of revenue from fraudulent payment disputes. The blockchain technology underlying bitcoin circumvents this, by ensuring that sales are indisputable: chargeback is impossible with bitcoin payments. By accepting bitcoin, businesses can put a permanent end to unnecessary losses in revenue, making transactions safe and secure.

However, one question remains: what makes Triple-A’s bitcoin solutions especially tailored to business needs?

The Triple-A difference

Triple-A’s bitcoin solutions have three important aspects. Specifically, Triple-A:

  1. Protects businesses with real-time exchange rates;
  2. Instantly converts bitcoin payments into local currencies, and directly wires the amounts to businesses’ bank accounts;
  3. Ensures full compliance with anti-money laundering and know-your-customer policies.

“Before the partnership (with Triple-A), chargeback rates were extremely high. Through bitcoin payments, Triple-A eradicated our problem,” said Cao Ling Ling, VP of Business Development at Glocash

With 3 simple steps, Triple-A has helped PSPs such as Glocash harness the crucial advantages of bitcoin: higher revenue along with chargeback protection. Similarly, partnering merchants from e-commerce and gaming industries are seeing significant increase in transaction volumes.

As digital payments become the norm, tough competition and frequent chargebacks become especially concerning for businesses. Yet, beyond more sales, bitcoin’s true potential is its increasing popularity. Partnering with Triple-A thus means being ahead of competition, now and in the future.

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