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Our mission is to deliver the future of crypto payment.

Customers should pay however they want.
Merchants should receive however they want.

TripleA is the future of payment: the freedom to choose however you want.

Crypto payment is fundamentally about choice.

It's about the customers' choice to pay however they want.

It's about the merchants' choice to receive however they want.

Our crypto payment gateway makes this choice accessible for everyone, so that everyone can benefit from the privacy, security, and simplicity of blockchain.

Our Values






Eric Barbier

Managing Director

Founder of TransferTo, a global mobile payment network interconnecting financial institutions in Emerging Markets, Eric also co-founded Mobile 365, a global mobile messaging hub, acquired by SAP. Moreover, he is the Board Member of many leading FinTech companies, such as Sleek or AMEEX.


Steven Chan

Head of Technology

Andy Hoebeke

Lead/Product Developer

Zack Koh

Business Developer


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