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Cryptocurrency adoption in Germany in 2021



of Germans
own cryptocurrency

How many cryptocurrencies owners in Germany?

It is estimated that over 2.1 million people, 2.62% of Germany’s total population, currently own cryptocurrency.

Germany - potential global cryptocurrencies hub?

In 2018, a survey found that 71% of German residents had heard of cryptocurrency. Comparing this with more recent survey results from 2019, more Germans (80%) have heard of cryptocurrencies. This suggests a growing interest among Germans in purchasing cryptocurrency since 2018.

Are Germans open to cryptocurrencies?

Breaking down cryptocurrency ownership by income, ownership levels are significantly higher among the wealthy. 67% of the surveyed Germans have an annual income over €800,000, 44% of them between €200,000 to €800,000, at least twice that of other income groups.



Majority of German cryptocurrency owners are in the 18-34 age group (33%). 5% of them are 55 and above. Cryptocurrencies are largely owned by young, tech-savvy and affluent German residents.

In Germany, education level does not make a significant impact on cryptocurrency ownership, as 10% of Germans do not hold a degree while 10% of them have a university degree and higher. On top of that, a higher percentage of German men (9%) own cryptocurrencies than women (6%).

48% of German cryptocurrency owners are already using cryptocurrency to make purchases, while the rest own cryptocurrency solely for investment purposes.


Cryptocurrencies's rising popularity in Germany

  • Coindesk: Proposed Legislation in Germany Could Allow $425B to Flow Into Cryptocurrencies – April 2021
    A new German law could theoretically bring as much as €350 billion (~$425 billion) of institutional investment into the cryptocurrency market, financial newspaper Boersen Zeitung reported.
  • CoinJournal: Germany allows institutional funds to invest in cryptocurrenciess – April 2021
    Germany has passed a new law that would allow thousands of institutional investment funds to invest in cryptocurrency A new law in Germany now permits over 4,000 institutional investment funds to gain exposure to cryptocurrencies. The move could spark massive cryptocurrency adoption in Europe’s largest economy over the next few months or years. The new legislation permits wealth and institutional investment fund managers (called Spezialfonds) to invest as much as 20% of their portfolio in cryptocurrencies. The law is set to come into effect on 1 July.
  • Forbes: The World’s Youngest Billionaires 2021 Include A Teenager From Germany – April 2021
    Austin Russell spent his teens doing research at the University of California at Irvine’s Beckman Laser Institute. The lanky 6-foot-4 entrepreneur dropped out of Stanford in 2012 to found laser lidar (an acronym for light, detection and ranging) startup Luminar Technologies after getting a $100,000 fellowship from billionaire tech investor Peter Thiel. Its sensors now help self-driving cars of such customers as Volvo, Toyota and Intel’s Mobileye see in 3D. The company listed via a SPAC merger in December 2020, catapulting him into the billionaire ranks overnight. At age 26, he is the world’s youngest self-made billionaire now that Kylie Jenner, 23, has fallen from the ranks.
  • Cointelegraph: Germany’s blockchain initiative: How adoption became a reality in 2020 – March 2021
    Germany has a very diverse, active blockchain ecosystem of companies and enthusiasts, especially in the city of Berlin. And an important step in the development of this ecosystem has been taken by the federal government itself, which tries to preserve and promote the vibrant blockchain ecosystem to continue its growth and make Germany an attractive opportunity for investment in this field.
  • Cointelegraph: German real estate group issues $24M bond using Stellar blockchain – January 2021
    Vonovia, a major European real estate group, has issued a 20 million euro ($24 million) bond using the Stellar blockchain. According to a Jan. 13 announcement, Vonovia has deployed the Stellar blockchain to issue security tokens for the transfer of real estate rights. The tokens were issued through an online marketplace called firstwire. Vonovia said that the blockchain-powered bond has a total term of three years.

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