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Digital currency adoption in Germany in 2022



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How many digital currencies owners are in Germany?

It is estimated that 4.9 million people, 5.8% of Germany’s total population, currently own digital currency.

German digital currencies ownership demographics

Breaking down digital currency ownership by income, ownership levels are significantly higher among the wealthy. 67% of the surveyed Germans have an annual income over €800,000, 44% of them between €200,000 to €800,000, at least twice that of other income groups.

Graph showing the percentage of people owning digital currencies per income ranges in France

Majority of German digital currency owners are in the 25-44 age group (67%). Only 9% of them are 55 and above. This suggests that digital currencies are largely owned by German millennials.

Graph showing the percentage of digital currencies owners per education level


Majority of German digital currency owners (73%) hold a diploma or a lower educational qualification. Only 27% hold a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Main findings


From the survey conducted, we see a staggering 86% of German adults have heard of digital currencies. This has risen across our data findings by a significant 6 percentage points in 2022 – from 80% in 2021. This suggests a growing awareness among Germans regarding digital currency.

Graph showing the growth is digital currencies awareness in Germany from 2021 to 2022
Graph depicting the increase in digital currencies ownership in Germany between 2021 and 2022


We see 5.8% of German adults currently hold digital currency, or approximately 4.9m people in 2022. By comparison, our data shows that digital currencies ownership in Germany has risen rapidly from 2.6% in 2021.


Bitcoin remains the most popular choice for digital currencies owners in France, with more than 72% of digital currencies owner respondents possessing Bitcoin. Ethereum follows closely in second place given the digital currency’s wide applications, followed by Tether (USDT), Ripple (XRP) and other Altcoins.


People are increasingly seeing digital currency as a safe asset and alternative to national currencies, with majority of German digital currencies owners holding more than EUR$1,000 in digital currencies assets. A significant number of German digital currencies owners (16%) also have more than EUR$10,000 in digital currencies assets.

Digital currency purchase attitudes


The number of German digital currencies owners using digital currencies for purchases is also seeing growth. Despite a lower proportion of users using digital currencies for purchases at first glance, a closer look will reveal an increase of 600,000 digital currencies users that are using digital currencies for purchases in 2022. 


Almost 35% of German digital currencies owners are using digital currency for purchases.

72% of German digital currencies spenders are spending more than EUR$100 of digital currencies for purchases monthly, with a sizeable crowd (35%) being large spenders of more than EUR$1,000 monthly.


Survey results show that digital currency payment services are eagerly anticipated across the retail industry. Respondents showed interest in all the major categories ranging from Entertainment, E-commerce and Luxury Retail, etc.

Future outlook


Digital currency is gaining the attention it deserves. 2021 was the year that digital currency was in the spotlight as major institutions, celebrities and public figures all jumped on the digital currencies bandwagon. Bitcoin and other digital currencies also broke through all-time highs.

Majority of German survey respondents (46%) are also seeking to increase their holdings of digital currency over the next year.


Majority of non-digital-currencies respondents (67%) cited a lack of knowledge for not owning digital currency, presenting strong potential for increasing digital currency adoption with proper channelized education and awareness.

Additionally, greater adoption of digital currency payment options across merchants can also have a network effect on more rapid adoption of digital currency in the populace, given that 20.3% of respondents cited not owning digital currency as their current merchants do not accept it.


Given increasing digital currency adoption in today’s world, businesses would benefit by integrating digital currency payment into their payment ecosystem. In fact, 67% of German digital currencies respondents agree that businesses would stand to benefit from adopting digital currency payments.

Graph showing the percentage of people that think business in Germany should look towards accepting digital currencies payment

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