First bitcoin donation campaign for SimplyGiving

Charities don’t rest on their laurels. They are always trying to find new ways to get the population to know them, care for their cause, and donate so their projects can be completed and move forward.

Technology can be of good help to charities and nonprofit organizations. Indeed, it can help with promoting the organization,  launching awareness campaigns, finding new volunteers, etc. New technologies boost nonprofits. Have you ever thought of digital currencies? Bitcoin and its peers are now entering the nonprofit world.

A global movement embraces Bitcoin to tackle the world’s social problems

MYGiving, a global movement advocating good deeds in Malaysia, decided to accept Bitcoin donations to engage in some of the world’s biggest social causes. Inspired by Giving Tuesday in the US, MYGiving supports acts of kindness through a series of fundraising. 

SimplyGiving, the organization that launched MYGiving, is always willing to ensure its charity members do not miss out on opportunities offered by technology. That’s why they decided to add a Bitcoin payment option to their donation payment methods. For SimplyGiving, this step forward with digital currenciesgraphy technology represented a way to reach international contributors who wish to play a part in making the world a better place. 

No frontiers exist anymore in the generous world

Between 2% to 9% of the worldwide population owns Bitcoin. All those people crave to use their digital currency to buy goods and services as they would with any other payment method. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc. aren’t just investments anymore, but practical payment means as well. Their holders are waiting to be able to pay with it at all of their favorite retailers.

Digital currency owners are also willing to be generous to the causes that affect them or touch their sensibility. But very few organizations enable Bitcoin donations. There is a huge missed potential SimplyGiving wanted to address.

Smooth and easy integration

SimplyGiving enjoyed Triple-A dedicated support during their Bitcoin integration process. They needed a progression bar to show the advance of donations during the campaign. Triple-A’s support team responded to their request with all the required code and settings for SimplyGiving to display their choose bar. In less than three days, the whole implementation was done and running for tests. A no-brainer for the MYGiving campaign.

By adding Bitcoin payments to their donation possibilities, SimplyGiving gave a massive push to their MYGiving launch in Malaysia and is looking forward to implementing bitcoin payment for all their fundraising campaigns.

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